Kouzouian Fine Custom Furniture takes great pride in crafting well-built, high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. We have been engaged in the wood working industry for over forty-five years. Our extensive knowledge in exotic wood species and finishes allows us to provide furniture that is unique in every aspect. We have the ability to design, duplicate, and or modify any type of furniture. We prepare scaled shop drawings which allow the designer to get the true perception of the finished product. Our capacity ranges from one item to hundreds of items at a time. All phases of production are completed in house, facilitating quality control and prompt delivery. All materials used are of the highest quality and we can recommend the most suitable material for different climatic conditions.

Kouzouian’s Fine Custom Furniture Inc. has been in business to serve the needs of the hospitality industry by providing high end furniture for the high end client. We believe that our furniture is a representation of a hotel’s ability to provide exceptional rooms for their customers. The reputation and the popularity of any given hotel is represented by its interior design. For this reason our furniture is built to the exact specifications of the designers, and to last a lifetime.